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Fly of the Week

This space is reserved for that special fly that out-performed all others recently. If it's's HOT!!! And remember, all the flies we use on our trips and sell in the shop are original, Chartered Waters creations only available here at the shop and at our online store.

For about a year now we've caught more trout (when wading) on this fly than any other by along shot!

The #24 gray M-Scud

A unique dubbing technique allows me to tie a REALLY small scud while still retaining the critical "flow" or movement when underwater. There have been days when this is the ONLY thing that will catch us fish. Our customers are catching on and they too are making this our #1 selling (and producing) fly in the shop

Dead drifted about 3' below a small float with a #6 - #8 weight about half way between the two. 6x fluorocarbon tippet is usually good enough.

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